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Star Trek has been portrayed in many art forms over the years. And none more so than movie posters, and book covers. This book is a bit different, it is not the art of movie posters or book covers per se, but it asks the questions of what if each individual episode of the original series had its own poster that was made to look like either an old school movie poster or a cover of a book. That is what we get with this book. Every episode is a different page. With the title of the episode incorporated into the art. After a brief introduction it goes right into the art, though it is not in chronological order of when the episodes aired though, which is this reviewer’s only complaint about this book.

Each cover has its own unique style, and it conveys the theme of the episode on one sheet, and in an artistic format. It is really nice to see it done this way, and this book would make the perfect gift for any Star Trek fan. It is immensely enjoyable and Juan Ortiz has a really nice style.

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