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When the Brothers Grimm lived, they dedicated their lives to storytelling, literature, and books in general. In The Mythology of Grimm the history and inside understanding of the lives of these two brothers is captivating. A brief, yet thorough insight to how they became responsible for so many of the fairytale origins we have all grown to know. Truly the favorite message is that “These are not the fairy tales Disney lied to us all about when we were kids.”

The book centers on detailing the NBC show Grimm, including the characters, back stories, weapons and more. While this book does explain the roots of the popular TV show, without watching a few episodes, this book won’t make a lot of sense in the early chapters. There are many words that describe the groups of people and the book begins with the assumption that the reader understands the basics. For anyone who enjoys the show, this book certainly captivates the essence of the show and allows viewers to delve more in depth into the world past the 44 minutes of each episode. A perceptive view of the original stories and how time has twisted them, this book is also a great reminder of what we loose as we change stories to make them safer to tell children.

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