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Intending to write a novel, Stacy Kim moves from the Midwest to New York City. Unable to find inspiration for her book, she languishes for a year at an office job. During a lunch break she visits an art museum and sees an exhibit by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Kathy Moran. She is stunned by a photo of a woman standing on the beach in a wedding dress, holding an old pistol behind her as she gazes out at the ocean. Stacy is so moved she quits her job and relocates to Portland, Oregon in order to research the story behind the photo. She’s finally found the inspiration for her novel. She could never have imagined where this new path will take her.

One mystery peels back to reveal one mystery after another in this intriguing and provocative tale of greed, deception and murder. The story provides a peek into the lives of many, from the very wealthy to the vilest criminals, plus the police and lawyers who must deal with them. Margolin never fails to deliver a compelling story, and this one is built around vibrant characters and shocking twists.

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