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The teenage obsession to text more than talk is a sore subject for most parents. Add to that a book which is nothing but text messages, and you have a story that only a teenager can understand. Different from too many of today’s teenagers, this book does show that some kids do put their phones down and actually participate in life. However unlikely, this seems to take place all in the format of text message conversations between three best friends experiencing life apart and trying to figure out how they will manage it. As life typically does, this is a great eye-opening moment because life does change, and it grows outside of what can be explained in a hundred and sixty character texts and tweets with a few random emoticons thrown in. Yolo is not a book that will change the world, but it just might be a book that reminds those about to be college freshmen that change is OK. Experiencing life without the comforts you have clung to, including the people you grew up with, is also OK. There is a whole world of new people, and new chances just waiting for us all. As Maddie finds out, the joy of technology is that even when miles separate us, our phones keep us connected.

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