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Seth and Alison have just suffered a miscarriage and decide to run away from their problems. They both leave their jobs and a place they have lived their entire lives to move to Arizona. Instead of being teachers, Seth and Alison take jobs in a luxury retirement community. They meet a varied cast of characters like Ben, a recent divorcee from the wife he still loves, and Mona’s whose home is going into foreclosure while she hides her grandson in the adults-only community. Lily is visiting her grandmother while being very public that she is a teenage lesbian. While Alison and Seth struggle with their loss and their spiraling marriage, Alison decides to create an event for the retirement community based on the history of the area.

You Could Be Home By Now is the classic lesson that running away from your problems only creates more problems. Manaster’s writing is clean and crisp, but this reviewer had some trouble following all the details of the various characters. Nonetheless, it is an interesting story with characters to which a reader can relate.

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