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In this hilarious sequel to Go the F*** to Sleep, Adam Mansbach’s You Have to F***ing Eat follows the natural progression of sweet innocent sleepless infant to world dominating starving toddler. New parents will appreciate the first bedtime story meant for parents, but all parents will appreciate its sequel. Sleeplessness is an expected outcome for new parents, but this starvation behavior is often baffling to caregivers since it is brought about by the best of intentions on their part. As a child develops, their urge to control the world around them will often take shape in the home. Food is the perfect weapon a child can use to assert control. As any parent knows, when a child is hungry, they are not reasonable and they cannot learn and grow. So a parent is trapped into this power struggle over food. Like its predecessor, You have to F***ing Eat says out loud all of the things a parent wishes to say but can’t.

The sweet prose somehow captures the raw desperation of the parent of a toddler (or an older child) while still allowing a reader to laugh until their belly aches. The whimsical illustrations featured in the book are by graphic artist Owen Brozman who teamed up with Adam Mansbach in 2012 for Nature of the Beast. Sure to be a bestseller among parents and grandparents (I recommend giving a copy to an exhausted parent for their child’s first birthday) You Have to F***ing Eat is also a book that lets parents know they are not alone in their struggles. Look for it on YouTube as read by Breaking Bad Actor Bryan Cranston, but be sure the kids are out of the room or you might find yourself in need of a third in the series titled You Can’t F***ing Say That.

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