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How do we get kids these days interested in history? One way to do that is through comics like this collection does. This book explores early New England history through many short stories using the medium of comics. From telling how the Pilgrims first arrived, through first contact with the local natives, the non-conformists that were forced to move elsewhere and found their own colony, and the growing pains of a colony in a far flung place. That is an interesting way to bring the idea of history to young students and not have a thick textbook. Of course most historians will ignore this book, but this is definitely something that educators in middle school would like since this makes the discipline for accessible for students, and teachers alike. Each story is fairly short, so if they do not like one story they can quickly move onto the next. Also by being brief it can cover a lot of ground, time wise, in a short amount of space. This book is perfect for those students, and educators, who are in middle school.

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