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Every little girl who worships her Daddy thinks it makes perfectly logical sense to get married to him when they grow up…never mind Mommy! Poor Sophie is no different and is devastated when she learns the same answer every other child hears as to why that is not possible. Sophie’s Dad however has a clever way of teaching his 5 year old how to learn about the man she wants, by giving her a book to write to him in. As she grows up, she thinks she is in love with different boys, and discovers the true nature of them along the way. One is that boy who wants nothing to do with a girl’s heart, while another just isn’t the boy she wants him to be. Then when she isn’t paying attention she finds out that someone who has known her for so long, is exactly who she wants until he turns HER down! Letters To My Future Husband is a charming story about a young girl restoring her faith in men and the church of Later Day Saints. While Sophie can be a bit naive, she has support from her family and those around her, while also learning that there is not a time frame you must marry within, and that the perfect someone is out there and worth the wait.

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