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Sidney Marsh is a travel agent and super sleuth. Her wealthy friend Brooke has selected Sidney and her friend Jay to lead a tour of India and Nepal with some of Brooke’s eccentric acquaintances, one of whom recently tried to kill her. “I decided to invite all the friends involved,” Brooke tells Sidney, “to come along as my guests on a luxurious excursion to an exotic destination… [in the hope] that the guilty one would not be able to resist the invitation,” and that Sidney and Jay could determine who it was. In preparation, Brooke gives Sidney “a light dusting of tour guide spiel sprinkled over layers of gossip steep in a brew of horrifying revelations about our new companions.” And off they go, viewing wonders such as the Taj Mahal, Fatepur Sikri, and Kathmandu. Along the way, several mysterious deaths spice it up. Accidents, or murders? Why, and how?

Author Marie Moore is a retired tour agent and guide. Her Sidney Marsh murder mysteries are (in Agatha Christie fashion) enchanting tales with strange clues that leave readers in the dark until the end. Side Trip to Kathmandu is a fast moving tale with intriguing characters and unexpected plot twists.

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