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The Way to Stay in Destiny, written by Augusta Scattergood, follows the story of young Theo Thomas in his journey to Destiny, Florida. After not being able to stay with his grandparents any longer, Theo’s uncle takes custody of the boy and they move to a small town Theo’s never heard of: Destiny. There Theo meets an array of interesting people, such as enthusiastic dance teachers and baseball pitching classmates, which leads him to discover he’s not the only one around who loves baseball or playing the piano. Theo must learn how to balance school, activities, and friendship without upsetting his uncle, while also trying to figure out if a certain Hank Aaron did, in fact, ever live in Destiny.

Destiny is a charming coming of age book, though it does drag at times, about a young boy feeling out of place in surroundings he’s not used to. Theo must cope with leaving his loving grandparents’ farm as he’s dragged to the small, sunny town of Destiny with an uncle he always seems to be fighting with. The book delves into a bit of baseball history, as well as touching on both tap dancing and piano playing. The reader is introduced to characters that encourage Theo’s dreams, as well as those that try to hold him back from his passions. It is a story that reminds that sometimes the things people love most are irreplaceable, be it people, music, or sports. A quick read for any interested adult, though best suited for kids in fourth to sixth grade. Destiny teaches that sometimes change is inevitable and living in the past can be damaging. However, if people learn to roll with the punches it is possible to embrace change, but who knows. There may very well be a new friend around the corner.

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