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After reading, Up Nights, by Daniel Kine, I was reminded of The Great Gatsby. Yes, there were no flappers, but one can see the similarities between the two works. Both deal with love, money, and mostly finding ones self and they will use whatever means they think will help them satisfy those means. In Up Nights, Kine sets up the novel into four books and tells the stories of four friends trying to find their way in life. Another thought that kept popping up in this reviewer’s head as she was reading this book – both hard to read since it touches on grown up themes (sex, drugs, and crime) and easy since it put things in an easy way to connect with the story. Yes, this book touches on hard topics, but topics that we all have dealt with from time to time. Kine made a modern day and more assessable version of Gatsby.

Another thing that this reviewer noticed was that Kine was speaking to the teenage/young adult audience. Those who are trying to find their voice and make sense of what is going on in their world and process everything, all while trying to please society or maybe giving it the finger and saying something different. This reviewer could see this book being one of the best books to give to a person trying to find their place in life and hopefully speaking to them.

Overall, this reviewer liked this book and enjoyed the themes that Kine brought up. He made this reviewer want to reread the tragic story of Gatsby, Nick, and Daisy. This book will potentially inspire others to be their true selves upon reading.

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