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Here is a nice vegan cookbook, focusing on vegan casseroles, with an unfortunate flaw, its recipe layout. The person who prepared it did not think of cook’s convenience. In many recipes you will be paging back and forth from list of ingredients to cooking instructions—a real nuisance. If you can live with that, Vegan Casseroles is an excellent cookbook with many good and reasonably easy recipes using readily available ingredients. Cooking instructions are very good and author Julie Hasson gives nice tips and recipe variation with each recipe, for many also gluten-free variants. A red gluten-free icon for some recipes helps cooks choose recipes for their diets. She divided her cookbook into seven chapters according to meal types and major ingredients, starting with One-Dish Appetizers through Pasta Casseroles to Sauces, Toppings, and Basics.

“These casseroles are much healthier than traditional casseroles.”

The recipes focus on traditional American casseroles having vegan substitutes (green bean casserole, mac and cheese casserole) but occasionally Hasson adds from her international repertoire (Italian stuffed peppers, eggplant parm). For many of the recipes a fully equipped kitchen is preferable. Full-colored professional photos add appetizing illustrations to many recipes. A useful introductory section reviews vegan ingredients, equipment and casserole toppings. Index is nicely cross-referenced.

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