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Formats: Hardcover
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3D Paper Craft Animals in Africa is a hardback craft book of African animals. It is written in two languages, English and Italian. There is a table of contents inside where you will find a picture of each creation and the page where it is found. On the facing page you will find the directions and supply list you will need to complete each craft. The supplies are simple, scissors and glue and maybe colored markers or crayons. There are a total of 20 paper animals you can make with the pages from this book. There are 10 different animals. This book has two templates for each animal. One template for each animal is in color and the other one you may color yourself. The creatures all look bright and cheerful. The 47 pages are all thick tag board so the creature can stand correctly. Multiple copies of these creatures could be made if the pages were used as the master. This is not a storybook. It is a true craft book. It might be a good book for a teacher to use if the class is studying animals. It would have been a great book if information about each animal had been provided. Even so, it is an enjoyable book for children who are creative and love African animals.

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