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Children putting themselves down is one of the hardest habits to break. Kids think their parents only think the best of them, because they are their parents, when in fact every child has the potential to accomplish anything they are willing to try hard enough in. Don’t Put Yourself Down in Circus Town is an amazing book for any parent who is sick of hearing their child call themselves stupid, dumb, weak, etc. Author Frank J. Sileo does an amazing job using circus characters to describe how no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we just have to practice more to get the job done.

When the ringmaster hears his crew becoming discouraged, he holds a meeting for the entire cast and tells them “When you put yourself down, it’s almost like you’re bullying yourself.” This profound revelation has all the performers realizing that they were in fact breaking their own self-confidence. They give examples of positive ways of thinking and then follow their own advice. Afterwards they tell the ringmaster how they learned from their mistakes. This is a book parents should have on their child’s bookshelf, no matter what age.

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