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Capitalizing on the fact that many young children have watched and enjoyed Neil deGrasse Tyson’s science discussions on television, Explore the Cosmos comes at the perfect time and with just as enjoyable exploration for kids to follow along. Framed by deGrasse Tyson’s life story, young readers will learn tales of science told in an accessible and entertaining style.

 “As a child, Neil’s head was in the sky.”

From spectrometers to spacetime, Saucier invites readers along on a journey of discovery and inquiry. Paralleling deGrasse Tyson’s growth as a young man in “the first generation said to be raised by television,” the author shares societal, cultural, and scientific anecdotes in a relatable voice while accompanying photographs offer historical and contemporary depictions of science at work.

Direct quotes from the popular scientist accompany the author’s narrative exploration. The topics span from life in the Milky Way to our rocky planet neighbors, and everything in between, with detailed narrative, a glossary of terms, and relative notes about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s particular points of interest. As such, Explore the Cosmos is an excellent entry-point for young minds to develop further interest in the sciences.

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