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It took author Patrick O’Donnell more than five thousand interviews of former operatives, and extensive research of government documents over a span of twenty-two years to gather information that forms the material of First SEALs. Those having interest in World War II history will love the result of his research. The book is made up of thirty real adventures of agents of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), (as well as some foreign agents) all of whom are highly trained special men of an elite unit. Their operation successes during the WW II lead to formation of the unit of Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) in 1961.

“The hallmark of modern American special operations forces involves killing or capturing high-value targets.”

The agents are close-mouthed about their operations and it took O’Donnell years to gain their confidence to share their stories. They are fascinating and they read like true, exciting short stories. Luckily, the writing in this book is very good, very readable. We have few illustrations: a few small maps and an inset of twenty-seven small, poor-quality black and white photos. There is an extensive set of twenty-one pages of chapter-by-chapter reference notes conclude this book. You may read this book cover to cover or a few stories at a time for lasting pleasure.

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