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Since the time that philosophers began learning and understanding nature and everything in it, science became a language that often mystified human beings. Combining philosophy, science, religion and history into a path of knowledge, Into The Light of Science; Our Ancient Quest for Knowledge and the Measure of Modern Physics provides a highly intelligent and in-depth look into how everything is tied together. An intriguing look starting with philosophers and expanding each thought and method to break it down to a level easily understood, yet on a highly intelligent level of thought. This is a book which truly gives the reader insight and compound thoughts about the evolution of science and what mankind has learned. The author, Demetris Nicolaides, is a PhD and professor of physics at Broomfield College who has received many accolades for his knowledge and work. This is truly a book for those with an interest in ancient Greeks, this is provides a fascinating correlation to modern thoughts and science today with ancient ideas as a building block valid in today’s world.

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