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In a time where manners seem to have all but disappeared, June Eding has written a book to guide us in modern etiquette rules. Because the online word makes it very easy to communicate, and the world has grown to be very globally connected, the opportunities for error are compounded. Edings defines manners as showing consideration for others and she contends that those people that know how to do this, will get far in life. Manners That Matter Most is divided into four sections: why manners matter, how to incorporate manners into modern life, 25 essential manners and tips for social situations. This is not a do’s and don’ts book, but instead how to make a good first impression and beyond.

“Manners are more than just a set of tools we can use to get ahead.  They enrich our experience of living  and the time we spend with each other.”

There is no “secret sauce” in this book, but rather a reminder of how to behave, such as be on time, consider your appearance, show gratitude, don’t gossip and do what you say you are going to do. Edings writes in a straightforward and matter-of-fact style. Some pages are white type on a black background, while most pages are the standard black text on a white background. This book is a quick read and offers good tips and the reasons why the suggestion is important. She even offers conversation starters. If the reader just adds one new manner to his repertoire, the world will already be a more pleasant place!

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