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Learning a new language and a new culture is an opportunity for a new adventure. Combine this adventure with the bond a young girl is able to create with her grandmother, and a special gift flourishes. My Secret Guide to Paris is a tale about a young girl who grows up with overnights at Grandma’s house where her heart is filled with a love for another place, which entices her to dream about Paris where Grandma, a fashion designer who frequently travels to Paris for shows and other business, promises to take her when she is old enough. Suddenly the trip feels as if it has slipped through young Nora’s fingers when her Grandmother passes away. Nora’s world comes crashing down and the loss of her grandmother feels doubly painful. When Nora goes with her mother to sort through the belongings, she discovers a trunk and an envelope left behind. In it are three tickets to Paris and a map of destinations set out for Nora to see. But when she talks to her mother, her mother doesn’t want to go. Nora’s brother however does, and after some persuading, a trip begins to Paris and on an adventure that leads her to finding out the mysteries her grandmother left behind and brings her closer to family then every before. Along the trip, her grandmother has destinations set out to provide her with special items which all lead to a grand fashion show. This is a beautiful story about chasing your dreams, the value of family, and how incredible other cultures can be, if you give them a chance.

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