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A precocious little girl wants to be just like her mother, but she realizes differences in how they go about showing affection for one another. When the girl tries to bond with Mommy by drinking coffee, the adult reacts with astonishment. When she tries to tidy the bathroom by layering toilet paper everywhere, the mother doesn’t react as well as her daughter hoped.

“Mommies are strange. They can’t understand everything.”

The French team of author Lisa Charrier and illustrator Agnès Domergue have created a realistic tale with Oh My, Oh No! perfect for read-aloud sessions. The language is warm and friendly and the watercolor illustrations are heartwarming. The little girl’s energy is beautifully depicted on the page and her cat companion accompanies her throughout her attempts to impress Mommy.

Most endearing in this story is the love that is evident between characters. While Mommy may react with “Oh my, oh no!” to just about everything her daughter does, the two bond with loving smiles and hugs. The little girl knows that even though she’s still trying to figure out her mother’s way of doing things, one thing she knows for sure is that she is loved unconditionally.

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