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One perhaps has to be a young reader to appreciate the relentless barrage of owl puns inside of Rebecca Elliott’s Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival. Thankfully, this 72-page tale was drawn and penned for the pun-loving crowd. The book is the first in a series of paperback Owl Diaries, which is laid out as if we were peeking into Eva’s very own lined paper diary.

Eva Wingdale is an upbeat and ambitious little owl that decides to celebrate spring by putting together a large festival, replete with contests, shows and prizes. However, Mrs. Featherbottom, Eva’s teacher, warns her to not try and do everything by herself, but instead seek out help from friends and family.

“I still need help with the runway. But Sue was out today. (She had to go to the owladontist!) I must ask for her help tomorrow. But I’m SO nervous.”

The adventure begins when Eva doesn’t quite heed Mrs. Featherbottom’s advice and soon finds out she needs more than one helping wing to get the job done.

Each page of this colorful owl story comes alive with clever and eye-catching drawings. Elliot does a compelling job visually of creating her unique owl world in the trees and allowing the reader to easily fly right in. No page is alike, and with all of the speech and thought bubbles sprinkled throughout kids are sure to follow the story quickly and easily.

The biggest lessons learned for readers is the importance of asking for help and working together with others, even if you might not get along with particular individuals. The book details these lessons throughout and does a stellar job of bringing the story and morals full circle.

Eva’s punny adventures are bound to be a hoot for kids and a visual treat for all.

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