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Formats: Paperback, Kindle
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The sex industry is often misconceived, misunderstood, and prone to generalizations by the general public. It is hoped with this new book that a lot of those misconceptions will be changed. This book is a collection of articles from the magazine $pread that was a way for working sex professionals to talk about their lives, hardships, struggles, and chances for getting ahead in life – just like everyone else. This book is organized into several sections, with each section tackling a particular theme from violence, workplace, to labor and clients. Each section features several articles that are well informed, and intriguing to read. For people who do not know much about this industry, the oldest profession, then this will be a book for you.

This is an interesting book, and the editors do an excellent job on laying it all out for the readers. The writers of the articles do not hold back in their triumphs, frustrations, and fears. What comes across is a demand for respect, that this is a job and should be treated like a job and not something that is evil. Hopefully this book will open a few eyes that have been closed.

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