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Wagon wheels going over the Oregon Trail to seek out a new life and ability to spread the word of the Mormon church by moving west, Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail by Kate Messner is a charming story about squirrel obsessed, rescue drop-out dog, Ranger. While being distracted by an unobtainable squirrel, Ranger discovers a long lost first aid box which becomes a portal in time to Independence, Missouri, where Sam and his family are gathering supplies and preparing to join a wagon train on the Oregon Trail. Ranger proves he could truly help in the journey as he prevents a trampling of the little sister who toddles too close to some locals about to break into a brawl. Heartbroken over not being able to bring the family dog along, Sam pleads with his parents to let Ranger aid them on the trail. After assisting the family through an alert of a buffalo stampede and crossing the Colorado River, Ranger stays and keeps saving Sam, so they can make their destination safe and sound. Once there, Ranger must return home, but both lives are forever changed. While not all families went to grow the church, this is a sweet story of the dangers and adventures families endured on this journey, and provides a simplified understanding along the way.

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