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If you know a student learning high school or college level math, they will want to read Sneaky Math, A Graphic Primer with Projects. The very first page starts out with “Positive and Negative Number Rules.” Why isn’t this page in every math textbook? This is a eureka moment for any kid trying to get through Algebra! The next page follows with a cute project to help reinforce the magical page that just created a light bulb over every teenager’s head that read it! Struggling with fractions? No problem. This book has that covered too. A grade schooler can now understand the theory behind trigonometry Pythagorean with the clever straw project. The tips, tricks, references and index in the back of the book are incredibly helpful too. Author Cy Tymony has created a book that will get more use then a dictionary. This is the eighth book in the Sneaky collection, so if you haven’t read the others, you may want to check those out too. The book claims to tackle the most confusing math concepts to prepare you to excel in math courses. This is not a phrase to take lightly, as the book breaks it down so math is truly easy to use and understand. The binding may break in your household from overuse and your teenager might actually thank you for buying this.

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