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Claire has known for a long time that she was different. Upon the death of her brother, she meets Agreus, a fantastical creature who swears to be her eternal protector and companion. Towards the end of her 17th year, Claire finds herself happily in love with Agreus and with the news that she is really an elf princess. Once she turns 18, Claire is reunited with her actual birth parents, King Kefna and Queen Ashana of the elves. However, amidst the happiness, Claire and Agreus must overcome the evil force of Ayyn, a dark elf, who seeks to use Claire as a means for power. Together, Claire and Agreus must defeat Ayyn if they wish to save the world of the elves, and all of humanity.

Soul Shift is derived from a unique, thought out concept – of what the plot should entail. However, the execution of the novel is rather lacking. Much of what the characters say is unbelievable and non-colloquial, and the plot itself drags on for far too long. Focusing on the advancing the plot, the author neglects to develop the characters into people who readers can sympathize with and so would want to follow on their journeys. In addition to this, topics traditionally considered serious are taken in a somewhat lighter fashion, and subsequent consequences do not conform to the actual realities. This, however, is not to say that the plot was unappealing; characters and dialogue aside, Soul Shift can be an enjoyable read for those who enjoy fantasy.

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