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Dutch Sheets is a pastor, teacher, and the author of 20 books, including the bestseller Intercessory Prayer. His newest book, The Pleasure of His Company, reads like a devotional, with 30 short chapters geared toward helping readers free themselves from the idea of a distant, uncaring God and instead embrace a loving, forgiving, joyful God: “If the God you’ve been introduced to is distant, uncaring, or stoic, you’ve been duped. The real God is passionate, a lover of people, and a seeker of companionship – yours. While others seek His help, why don’t you seek His heart?” Sheets writes.

“What if I told you this man requests the pleasure of your company, that this incredible person, the only true and living God, not only loves you, He likes you. … Father God wants you, not some shallow religious loyalty. The affirmation of your praise and the admiration of your worship blesses Him, not because he needs them, but because He needs and wants you.”

In each new chapter, Sheets opens with a personal story, ties that story to Scripture, then closes with a formal prayer based in part on the Scriptures discussed. His stories are intimate and heart-felt, leading one to long for a similar genuine relationship with God. Thanks to his transparency in The Pleasure of His Company, Sheets successfully closes a door on the guilt-laden, disapproving God that so many Christians fear; instead Sheets does a nice job of offering his own private moments as evidence of a God who longs to know each of us intimately.

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