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This is a short and sweet little novel. What would you do if you found an abandoned bag in the street? For Laurent you would work to find the owner of that bag and return it. The book starts off with Laure getting attacked, and mugged, in the entryway into her apartment building. The mugger forcefully takes the bag from her and runs off, leaving Laure fallen into a short coma. Laurent later that night finds the bag and takes it home. He pieces together the clues of to whom the bag belongs to with no cell phone, credit cards, or identification cards. This is definitely a heartwarming tale, as it brings two people who would have otherwise not meant in this hyper-connected world to meet each other. Even though the book is short it covers both sides of the story, Laurent’s and Laure’s, even though a lot of the focus is on Laurent’s. We get to explore modern day living in Paris, and how difficult it can be to find someone despite our modern world of electronic conveniences.

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