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The Rosie Effect is the laugh out loud follow-up to The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. If you know the old rhyme, first comes love, then comes marriage, you can probably guess the nature of this book.

With The Wife Project satisfactorily concluded, The Project Baby takes Professor Don Tillman by surprise. But he adjusts admirably in the face of struggle, for instance, solving their housing crisis by moving downstairs from a rock star, locating and purchasing the safest (aka ugliest) perambulator on the market, and even engaging his father to help design a sound proof crib for when their upstairs neighbor decides to play the drums that made him famous for hours at time, but still allow the baby to breathe. But in all this baby hoopla, will Don manage to keep his marriage to “the world’s most perfect woman,” or will Rosie decide she’s better off alone?

 “It was incredible that two such dissimilar people had become a successful couple.”

If you’re a reader who hasn’t yet read Graeme Simsion, you need to. The Rosie Project is a positively delightful, and this follow up, The Rosie Effect, is more of the same. Don is a positively hysterical narrator, even more so since he often doesn’t know how he comes across and the social gaffs that make complete sense when you’re in his head come across rather differently from an outsider’s perspective. (There is a scene on a playground that is unforgettable in this book.) The Rosie Effect is the perfect follow up novel and high quality reading experience with a narrator readers will never forget. In short, if you enjoy quirky, humorous fiction that also tugs on the heartstrings, this is a must-read.

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