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The Sound of Water A Psychology of the Soul by Joshua K Linden is a simple, short book about the definition of Soul and how the Ego affects a person living fully and truly with the ‘Source,’ something the author defines as the essence of all things. The book is set up with short chapters, each explaining a different aspect of life such as society, family, authority, and knowledge.

The Sound of Water addresses some aspects of life that readers might have already suspected just by thinking and living in today’s society. The author defines the ‘ego’ as damaging but necessary, and points out that in order to transcend the chaos of social reality we must comprehend that we are “not anything or anyone I have ever believed that I am.” This book is a pleasant exploration of what it means to be human, and an equally pleasant explanation of what it means to be interconnected to one another. It outlines what happens when we lose that connection to each other and to the ‘source,’ and how a soul becomes sick and destructive when we do. It reads somewhat like a ‘one a day,’ where a reader could easily pick up the book each day and digest a chapter at a time. It’s a life affirming book that comes chock-full of words to live a life by, and direction on how to fully shed oneself of ego and commit fully to reality as is, not as we want it to be. This book is recommended to anyone who has been feeling run down by his or her own egos, and needs to re-learn what it means to reconnect one’s soul to the ‘Source.’ Its information one has probably heard before, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

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