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In the heart of Cedar Hill, Illinois, lies the mysterious, and deserted Priestly mansion. One summer, Persephone “Sophie” Gracewell literally stumbles into the new residents of Priestly mansion, the five handsome “Priestly” brothers. Sophie finds herself inexplicably drawn to one of the brothers, Nicoli, while being shunned by another, Luca. While being irrationally handsome, the brothers seem to perpetually sport bruised knuckles and to appear at just the right moment. As the summer progresses, Sophie finds out that the “Priestly” brothers are actually the Falcone brothers, members of the “good” mafia. Sophie’s life makes a turn for the worse when she finds herself inextricably intertwined with the intentions of the Falcones and with the discovery of family secrets.

Catherine Doyle masterfully merges romance, action, and mystery into a novel impossible to put down. Each page is carefully paced to constantly draw the reader’s attention. While many novels take time to develop a plot, Vendetta immediately expresses all the suspense that comes with the mysterious characters of the Falcone brothers. With plot twists continuously winding through the storyline, Vendetta proves to be a promising start for the series (Blood for Blood) as well as being an excellent stand-alone novel. For those readers who enjoy action-filled plots, this novel fulfills every requirement, as is expected for a story centered around the Mafia. For readers of YA romance, this novel provides all the angst and “couple” moments that any good romance novel has. While some parts of the novel are predictable, Vendetta proves to be a superb read for readers of all genres.

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