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America: Icons & Ingenuity is a gorgeous collection of photography by Dan Winters. The book begins with two short essays by Courtney A. McNeil, the Curator of Art with Telfair Museums, and John Grzywacz-Gray, Professor Emeritus of Photography at Moorpark College. Both of these essays help to give some background on Dan’s past, photographic interests, and tendencies. Following that, there is a short essay by Dan himself, which allows readers to get to know the artist on a more intimate level.

The quality of the print photographs is very high and the glossy paper enhances their color. The portraits at the beginning of the book are particularly lovely and include images of Tom Hanks, Helen Mirren, and Heath Ledger to name a few. The other photographs in the collection include images relating to America’s space program, miscellaneous portraiture, images of Dan’s paper based works, and other pictures from his collections. While some of the photographs are ironic – such as the image of an empty McDonald’s fry holder on the ground next to an empty farm – all of them are designed to make the viewer think. We’re not just looking at the beauty of the images contained within, but are looking at things from a different perspective thanks in part to Dan Winter’s masterful use of lighting on his subjects.

The large and high quality images are a joy to behold, and the binding on the book is solid, ensuring many readings. America: Icons & Ingenuity is a great collection for people interested in photography.

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