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Finding the passion in the paranormal and the erotic in the gothic, Mitzi Szereto ventures farther into the darker side of our desires with this collection of steamy, erotic tales. Darker Edge of Desire takes the reader into dark and forbidden places in our desires, sating every midnight urge, awakening others that might not have been recognized before. These tales are unique, diverse, and totally alluring.

“Darker Edge of Desire contains an international and diverse cast of writers, resulting in a unique and exciting collection of Gothic tales guaranteed to titillate and thrill as they take you into dark places you’ll not easily forget.”

From creatures of the night to hidden passions and even more hidden truths, this volume does not shy away from exploring and bypassing boundaries. In “Sister Bessie’s Boys” by Gary Earl Ross there are mysteries of love, and the results of it, that are never solved. Szereto’s own story, “The Dracula Club,” will keep readers clawing with eagerness until the very end. Every story in this collection takes the reader to a special and unique place, offering its own balance of the Gothic, the erotic, and the promise of something delicious waiting in the shadows. Readers of erotica will delight in this anthology of carefully crafted stories. Each touches a nerve and works together like a piece of music, lovely and creepy all at once. So if you’re a reader who loves the Gothic and are a fan of erotica too, this book is the perfect dark alley for you.

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