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If you try and work hard, you can accomplish anything, well almost anything. Sometimes when your dream doesn’t come true, it is because a better dream is out there. While that other dream will take work too, when we give up, we miss out on the opportunity. Gollywood, Here I Come is an excellent example of a little girl with big dreams of becoming a singer. She starts out with a busy life balancing being a majorette for the high school band and trying to make her dreams come true, but winds up losing when she tries out for Gobbleville’s Got Talent. The loss works out however, and she accomplishes even more than what she thought she wanted and has an opportunity to be an actress. The chance to be on the red carpet awaits her in a new opportunity. She studies hard, and is then faced with criticism. Instead of acting like a drama queen, as many hopefuls could do, she learns from her mistakes and becomes famous. She then returns to say goodbye to her friends at school buy telling them, they too can accomplish their dreams if they work hard. The message in the book is well displayed by Author Terry John Barto and the illustrations by Mattia Cerato through the bird world in Gobbleville are adorable. It is full of rich bright colors, cute characters and a set in a fifties style. A wonderful display of vast vocabulary which allows children to learn new words for improved words of their own. This book is a clever reading level that requires any reader to slow down to read the words carefully and not get tripped up by rushing through the book, as many words are put together to be a bit of a tongue twister. Definitely a book worth having on any youngster’s book collection, or for the educator looking to give students a wonderful life lesson and improved word choices.

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