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Formats: Hardcover
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A book for elementary school-age readers with an interest in creepy crawlies (and isn’t that most of them?), Look Out For Bugs! Is educational while still being interactive. The book highlights six different biomes, and the ways that bugs can camouflage themselves in those landscapes. Readers can pour over beautifully illustrated landscapes and find the hidden insects, then turn the page to learn more about the bugs they found.

Each scene has a couple bugs that are easy to spot, as well as a few more difficult ones, and with an answer key at the back to help you find where the bugs are, just in case you don’t catch them all. Still, there is one critter on the “marsh” page that is so dark it blends into the water behind it and is almost impossible to find, but most of the other bugs can be found if you look hard enough.

There are lots of fun facts about the bugs and their environments, including little-known tidbits that might even teach parents a thing or two. The reading level is definitely more suited to grade school children than preschoolers, although any kid can have fun searching for the bugs in the gorgeously textured landscapes of the book. The final landscape is “Your Own Backyard,” encouraging kids to explore outdoors and discover some of these fascinating creatures in real life.

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