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Videogames are incredibly popular in our culture. Currently one of the most popular games is Minecraft, a game that lets you build almost anything in the world you desire. The game is particularly quirky due to its highly pixilated and blocky style, reminiscent of much older games. That’s where Minecraft: Blockopedia comes in. Since there are so many different materials you can collect to build a myriad of items and so many of the blocks look similar to one another, this book acts as a colorful reference book for people looking for more detailed information.

The book includes the various minerals and plants (sand, gold, grass, etc.) that can be found in the game, as well as recipes to create items out of these simpler elements. Typically, the left-hand page is the image of what the particular block in question looks like within the game. On the facing right-hand page is where readers will find information about the block such as its location, function, properties, essential information, and trivia. Certain blocks will have a following set of pages with even more information.

The book itself is sold within a black viewing box and is shaped as a hexagon to resemble the blocks that build the game. While cute and certainly thematic, the design makes the stability of the binding much weaker than if the book had been printed in the traditional square format. Overall, the book would made a great gift for the hardcore Minecraft fan, but may end up as more a novelty item than a functional guide due to the ease and convenience of the already plentiful and easy to search internet guides.

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