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In this unusual book Brian Jackson combines autobiography, psychedelic experiences, and a formidable research on the subject of taking, and the effect of, hallucinogenic substances. As a result, Mushroom Medicine is an excellent volume, great reading for anyone interested in the subject but also as library and academic reference collections.

“The goal of this book is to share my story in support for the use of psilocybin as a medicine.”

Jackson’s writing is easily readable and entertaining. This book is extensive and includes everything worth knowing on the subject. He starts with terminology and continues describing his early experimentation with psilocybin mushrooms. His description of his psychedelic first trip is very detailed and excellent, but his experiment with a large dose some nine years later was a significant life-changing event: “Since taking the heroic dose of psilocybin, I have been happier, more open minded, and less stressed.” He claims his religious views totally changed too. His superb description of this experiment in fine details is educational. Jackson then describes medical research on psilocybin extensively, and reviews information on other psychedelic substances throughout history, including religious, ritualistic shamanic ceremonies. With good photos he illustrates the various fungi, plants and animals containing mind-altering chemicals. A long list of references makes this book especially suitable as a reference material.

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