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Do you own a medium- to large-sized mediocre business or corporation that needs help energizing its revenue? Is the ever-changing pace of keeping up with the latest trends and new technology overwhelming you? If so, you may want to consult a professional service firm such as Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group, JP Morgan, or Blackstone. Or, you could just pick up this book!

On Becoming Extraordinary was written for the professional consulting firm but is packed full of useful, straightforward tips and guidelines for any businessperson. Very few books out there have been written for the consultant. The expectation is for them to glean what they need to learn and to improve from multiple, and possibly unreliable, sources. However, this work is comprised of eight chapters that are well researched, succinct, and methodically organized delivering a proper manual for any business owner or leader within an organization striving for their place in the market. It covers all aspects of a business to run at peak performance from the hiring, training, and management process of top performers to time management to the creation of ideas, direction, advice, and contacts between companies and the professional service firm (PSFs).

Author Pieter Klaas Jagersma is the one to write this book on PSFs since his career has spanned more than a quarter of a century advising others how to be extraordinary in the workplace. His credentials are impressive as is the results seen from his efforts. Jagersma included examples from actual PSF companies’ business principles, goals and standards adding merit, and a whole other layer of relevancy to his credit.
Regardless of your position in the workforce or your field, this is a book you’ll want to keep handy if you want to thrive in business. The topics are generally common discussion points within companies today but Jagersma gives you a roadmap into the world of high energy, high finance, and high returns kind of life and it shouldn’t be ignored.

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