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Although not coffee-table size, Street Craft is perfect for your living room display. It is fascinating and will interest most anyone even if uninspired by art. A good ten-page introduction explains what street art and craft are. This is good reading in order to understand street artists and craft people, their purposes and their ephemeral art – some lasting for no more than an hour, others are more permanent. Street craft is not exactly legal but they create so much life, interests and color in a city that authorities often turn a blind eye. Even more, in many places businesses commission artists to create street art for them.

“Whether mini-garden or guerilla sculptors, uncommissioned street installations enhance the city environment and are a kind of gift to the community.”

Street art appears in many forms, shapes, and sizes, most are highly creative. They may be art fashioned from moss, lights (gorilla lighting), yarn (yarn bombing) or garden planted in tiny available city spaces. Author Rikka Kuittinen collected the work of twenty-eight street artists (mostly in Western Europe and in the US), described their work and purpose in a short paragraph, and let the artists speak about their arts in the next few paragraphs, followed by half a dozen to dozen or more nice photos of their representative pieces. A beautiful book!

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