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Targeted gives the reader comprehensive information on how advertising works on the internet. Digital advertising is completely different from previous forms of advertising and Mike Smith concludes that serious amounts of money are spent to connect to targeted consumers. Mike Smith, an executive in digital publishing, writes with knowledge and authority on this subject. One of the most interesting tidbits Smith shared was how much “behind the scenes” stuff happens in order to narrow presenting the right product to the right consumer; a consumer that ultimately will part with his money and buy the suggested product. He explains in thorough detail how advertisers are charged and the media auctions that happen thousands of times per day. In addition to paid search, display advertising is a thoughtful process that happens seamlessly to the web viewer but is quite complicated behind the scenes.

“Everything we get from the Internet we get for free because others pay for it. The internet has grown and been sustained by advertising.”

Make no mistake; this is a dense and technical book with a cornucopia of information, examples and real-life stories. Privacy, mobile devices and html5 will all influence how the future of digital advertising looks but Smith promises it is coming, so you might as well be informed. Targeted gives the reader the history, the present state and helps him understand the dynamics of the complicated but compelling business of reaching consumers.

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