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This is a short, dark, and gloomy book by the French modern master of such works. This short book takes us through some modern day French madness. It takes place in modern day France and an old house where one of the residents, Yolanda, has not left since being emotionally humiliated in 1945. She lives with her brother Bernard who works for the railroad and retires because he becomes ill and he knows he will die soon. This leads him on a slightly murderous rampage because he believes it will help defeat death. The book takes its twists and turns, and no one has a good day at the end of the book. This is a short, but grisly tale.

Even though this book is short, and often at times quite depressing, it is difficult to put down. It is really easy to finish in one sitting. The author does not waste time, but gets right into the story without a lot of exposition. It is like Pascal Garnier did not want to waste time, and like his other books it is short, but sweet and to the point.

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