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Can you imagine a full day without internet? What about a week without going online to check email? Author Christina Crook is a communications specialist, so it may sound surprising that she embarked on a digital fast – disabling data on her cell phone and shutting down her email – in pursuit of creating greater connectivity at work and within her personal life.

“By understanding our online habits, we can form new ones.”

Much of contemporary society relies on being ever connected to others, yet Crook urges reflecting on how we connect. While the author experimented with her own internet fast, this is not a guide for dismissing technology forever; rather, the author examines how our on and offline lives may be better harmonized. From business relationships to familial interconnectedness, Crook offers suggestions for seeking greater balance. Many chapters share practical challenges for readers to experiment with in their own lives.

The Joy of Missing Out offers thoughtful consideration of how online communications have evolved, as well as the value we place on being ever present in a digital world, often to the determinant of personal space and quiet time. Through practical examples and directions, Crook champions developing healthier habits for a more mindful online experience.

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