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The Secrets We Left Behind follows the character Eve, as she has to come to terms with her past. Eve has a wonderful life. She has a doting husband, a good job and a new grandson. She loves her daughter fiercely and wants to be very involved in her new grandson’s life. As Eve is wandering through town one day, she thinks she sees someone from her past and quickly discounts the possibility of Scott being in her town. At the same time she begins to receive phone calls where the caller does not say anything. Finally, her past catches up to her when Scott insists they meet and come to terms with some decisions they made in the past.

After Scott’s introduction into the story, each chapter alternates between past and present to cleverly show how Eve is dealing with the past catching up to her and builds the drama of how past events and decisions cloud her present day dilemma. The author skillfully shows the drama of youth and how growing wiser with age is not always easy. Susan Elliot Wright is a straightforward writer that embedded twists and turns in the story to keep the reader guessing. This reviewer easily immersed herself in the book and was satisfied with the ending.

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