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“The inspector cut him off. ‘Just tell me what has happened!’ ‘A murder on the London to Paris express,’ replied Nguyen. ‘Are you sure? On a cross-Channel train?’ clarified Bouallem. ‘As sure as I am that it’s you I’m talking to. I’ve seen the body.’ ‘I’m on the way. Keep hold of the suspects. Don’t move. Don’t do anything.’ Bouallem was starting to feel excited…”

If you like truly engaging mysteries, here’s one to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what startling revelation comes next. Written in riveting prose, Under the Channel (translated from the French Sous la Manche), is a book with excellent character and plot development. Every individual, but especially the French detective sent to London to solve the crime, is carefully crafted, with some remarkable turnabouts all the way to the final scene. As he delves deeper into the mystery, the French police inspector admits that he “He had not been so engaged by a murder for a long time… He liked mysteries. A crime was just a series of questions. How? Why? Who? Questions you had to keep repeating like a child who is never satisfied with the answers he’s given.”

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