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Breeanne has lived her life smothered by a family who loves her, who has nursed her fragile health from the day she was born and adopted into the Carlyle family. Incorporating her love of books into a bookstore attached to the tea room her parents operate, they lack supporting her desire to truly make an effort with her writing career, until a chance encounter with the local baseball hero offers an opportunity to be his ghostwriter for an upcoming autobiography. Breeanne’s seventh grade crush on the Rowdy Blanton, who achieved super stardom haunts her as she attempts to keep the relationship professional and Rowdy discovers he can’t keep his mind on anything but Breeanne. While her frail life have kept her sheltered, at twenty-five and entirely healthy, she is ready to adventure into the world and take chances. Rowdy is just the person to experiment with, yet her confidence quickly falls short when he denies her advances. Little does Breeanne know just how tempting her virgin life is to Rowdy and how terrified he is of his own feelings amidst his attempt to expose the truth about a fatal event which ended his career. This cute romance has a unique twist when a hope chest seems to grant deep wishes and connect the two together with a unique item that identifies a soft touch only to them. While both feel a connection while learning if they’re ready for fate the pair find themselves exposed to a stolen recording of the most secret of Rowdy’s past.

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