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Deep Wealth by Chad S. Hamilton is classified as an investing/finance book, though there are also sections of the book that fit in the subcategories of psychology and sociology. The author describes financing in a way that goes beyond how someone can set up a finance plan. He outlines how different people approach money, how our intrinsic values can effect how we handle money, and why sometimes having education about finances does not help people get said finances in order.

The beginning of Deep Wealth is very interesting and insightful. The author provides information about various personality types and how his readers might fit into these personality types. He provides a self-quiz and some gauges as to how to fit yourself into each category – and he outlines how a person’s personality type might affect how that person spends and invests money. The author is fond of using quips and quotes from authors, spiritualists, and presidents to prove his point that how we feel about our money is integral to who we are. The second part of the book helps educate on planning for retirement and how to invest productively; and it is simple to understand, even for those who have no idea about finance in general. There are certain ideas presented in this novel that some readers might disagree with, and the author doesn’t spend much time addressing certain disadvantages that people are up against when dealing with finances in today’s world – but the overall message of the book is positive and uplifting. It’s recommended for people who have an interest in getting a better purview on the finance world, or for folk who are more serious about starting their portfolios and investing for retirement.

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