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Formats: Hardcover
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Did You Know That I Love You? is a story of unconditional love told by two creatures in the animal kingdom, Bird and Fox. A very sweetly drawn blue bird asks the cute fox the same question, Did you know that I love you?many times in the story. Bird then tells Fox all the ways she loves him. She uses four of the five senses to do this. She also lets Fox know that he will be loved near or far away. Bird confesses her love for Fox in many simple ways to let him know that he will always be a part of her. And by Fox’s answer to Bird, she understands that he loves her also!

The author has written a very sweet and loving story for children ages 4-8 years old. The colorful hardback showcases her artistic talents also. Throughout the book, she uses soft, earth tone colors that make her pictures pop out on each page. The book is a good size for smaller hands to hold and the pages are sturdy and will hold up to many readings. The story itself is a simple concept of love that will be nice for the younger child. Repetition in the story will encourage the child to repeat or try to read. This book could become a nice, cuddly bedtime routine.

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