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Traditionally, trolls are thought of as stumpy, rock-like beings, similar to the ones in Frozen.  However, in Frostfire, trolls, or “Kanin” resemble normal human beings, albeit some have gifts of camouflage or psychokinesis.  Trolls are sent to live in the human world, becoming changelings, until Trackers retrieve them back to Kanin society.  Even from the beginning of her career as a Tracker, Bryn Aven has overcome monumental odds; On her first day as a Tracker, she stopped the assassination of her father, the Chancellor.  In addition to this, the Kanin consider Bryn an outsider, due to her half-Kanin, half-Skojare heritage.  Even faced with such adversity, Bryn manages to become one of the best Trackers of the Kanin.  While out on her latest mission, Bryn encounters Konstantin Black, the man who attempted to assassinate her father years ago, trying to capture her assigned changeling.  Unaware of what Konstantin wants with the changelings, Bryn and the rest of the Trackers must race Konstantin and his allies.  Fueled by the desire to avenge her father and her hatred of Konstantin, Bryn embarks on a journey that is not at all as simple as it first seems.

In a spin-off series from the world of Trylle, Hocking creates a fast-paced tale, narrated by a quirky, slightly sarcastic heroine.  This novel contains all required for a good read; action, adventure and a hint of budding romance. Contrary to her inhuman ancestry, Bryn possesses relatable human qualities as well as a persona easily accessible to all.  Hocking wastes no words, nor adds excessive description,  crafting a tale that will keep readers at the edge of their seats.

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