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Small towns truly do have friendly people who are always there to help out when you need it as Melody finds out one weekend in rural Royal, Indiana. She is lucky to be where she is and surrounded by people who love her. Although she has a terrible teacher, and dearly misses her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. McKenna, Melody is happy with her widowed father, who is a high school teacher. When he leaves one weekend to supervise a campout with another teacher and some of the kids from school, Melody and her best friend Nick discover that her father is seeing someone! They find out the gossip is all occurring at the new salon in town and go to find out if they can overhear anything else. They mistakenly assume the secret relationship is between Melody’s dad and the horrible fifth grade teacher they have, and wind up meeting Bee-Bee, the owner of the Hive Salon, who also happened to be friends with Melody’s mother. The two strike up a fast friendship and Melody is able to learn about the mother she never had the opportunity to know. Later in the weekend, Melody realizes how deeply she misses her mother while listening to an old recording of her mother and is found by Mrs. McKenna who comes to the rescue with a happy afternoon, reinforcing how much Melody adores her. Parallel in the book is the story of Mo, a dog who has to go to a new home when his beloved owner is no longer around and he winds up dreaming of a girl who he knows in his heart will love him just like his previous owner did.

Honey is a beloved story about special relationships and the way things sometimes turn out exactly as they are intended to be. Melody realizes that uncovering secrets reveals wonderful events, and her father learns how important it is to be honest with his curious daughter too. This is ruly a heartwarming story with incredible vocabulary and a special little girl.

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