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This is a different sort of Little Red Riding Hood story than you grew up with: the main characters are vehicles! Little Red is a scooter, who is taking all the ingredients for a premium oil change to his Granny Putt-Putt, a golf cart. But on the way, he meets a car-eating monster truck named Tank, who causes a lot of trouble for the little scooter before Red can finally trick Tank and save his granny.

The story of Little Red was a fun read, and an interesting new take on a fairy tale. Especially since it’s a tale that’s been retold so many times, it’s hard to retell it in a fresh way, but Stein accomplishes that.

Sometimes the car metaphors seemed a little stretched (Why does a truck eat other cars? How is a golf cart a scooter’s grandparent?), but the world of the cars is so entertaining and drawn in such detail that kids probably won’t even think about any inconsistencies. Gall’s art is colorful, graphical, and dynamic. There are lots of car-related details and puns in the background that make it fun to reread so you can catch all the visual jokes.

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