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After reviewing many adult themed books, I was glad to take a step back and review a children’s book. I throughly enjoyed it! Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon by Terry John Barto tells the story of a dragon whose destiny was to guard the beautiful Princess Gwendolyn in her castle that overlooks the kingdom. However, Nickerbacher has other ideas for his life. He wants to share his love of jokes and to make people laugh all over the world, but his parents have other ideas and want him to stay put and keep Princess Gwendolyn company. As I was reading this, I could easily hear the different voices that would and should bring them all to life. Another thing that popped out at me were the illustrations – loved them!

This is a book about going after want you want, no matter what others think you should do. As you can see with Nickerbacher, he didn’t give up and let his parents choose what was best for him. He also ended up having the support of the Princess and he kept putting himself out on stage and finally made it! I loved the part when Prince Charming came calling for the Princess and shared that he wanted to be a baseball player but got dealt the Prince card and showed that just because you become one thing, doesn’t mean that you can’t be another. I have a feeling that this book won’t be read just once and not just by children. I think adults could learn a thing or two from Nickerbacher and how he followed his dreams and didn’t stop believing!

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